Cancer Information Links

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre, a unit of Cancer Care Ontario , has two divisions which are hosted by the Ottawa Hospital.

Canadian Cancer Society
Health Canada
NIH Library
NIH Cancer Institute
People Against Cancer - Alternative Therapy
OncoLink at Penn University

Guides to Finding Cancer Information

NOTE: The following links often repeat information and in turn have pages of links to the main cancer information sources. For example information from the US National Institute of Health has been put on regional and commercial internet servers. Each does have however, some unique data.

CancerGuide: Steve Dunn's Cancer Information Page

This is a general website to assist cancer patients find information. This site emphasizes alternative therapies, reading material, and support groups on the net.

Cancer Terms

A glossary compliled by the Nursing Advisory Board of Pharmacia and the Upjohn Company to provide cancer patients with a better understanding of words frequently used in care care.

Additional InterNet Links on Cancer

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